Catharsis4all means what it says:-                                     


                                   CATHARSIS for ALL

                                                                                 Catharsis means Purging

                                           That means discharging a previously blocked emotion  

to achieve health, happiness and surprising, liberating enlightenment.


               Catharsis does not need pills, potions or surgery

NOT                  NOT       NOT        NOT       NOT  

                               Those are for somatic illnesses

   They can not cure psycho-neuroses from bad forgotten memories.

           To cure a psychoneurosis (alias emotional constipation):-

Go into the hypnoid state of meditation, or go into hypnosis with the help of a hypno-analyst, recall the incident which was traumatic to you at that time, and speak of that incident in detail, or arouse the emotion you should have had.  -  That brings catharsis. That purges harmful emotional hang-ups.    It cures the problem, large or small.

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